Cassandra McCray

Most of my life, I’ve known that nothing is given but achieved. As for my career journey, I can say that I did. Now that life has brought me to my purpose, I shall walk in it utilizing my gifts and talents to help heal others through my organization. 

 Do you know anyone that’s been hurt? Not just physically but the type of hurt that is life changing? The hurt that makes you feel as though your veins are open, you’re now lifeless and all hope washed away as you bathe trying to remove any filth that now contaminates your body, mind and soul. How many nights did you hear your parents fuss and fight? And you just wanted to run away from the madness? What about Momma still asleep at midday because she was up all night ‘Smoked up, Choked Up’? But all you see or smell is bellows of smoke lingering in the air. 

“Why do I deserve to have Jack help me achieve it?” Well, I don’t. Anything that is attained I must commit to it and press towards the mark. I consider this gift as a humbling experience that only a compassionate person would offer anyone. 

About Living my Purpose Fully

Living My Purpose Fully, Inc. is a faith based organization which offers a six-week doctrine program which focus on love, self- healing, forgiveness, self-esteem and the principles of living a Godly lifestyle. Licensed ministers on a volunteer basis, facilitate the program. The clients will be enrolled in a financial literacy class, learn employability skills, obtain a GED, referred to external agencies for employment services such as job placement assistance. There will be resources available from local, county, state and federal government entities to assist them to live their own lives fully. We will take on Paul Spirit and become conquerors; no long will the perpetrators control our lives